Have you thought about introducing Thermography in your Practice?

Thermography offers a quick and simple test that produces clear images of what is going on in your patient’s body.


Our specialist doctors will interpret the images and send you a detailed analytical report that highlights areas of concern to help your diagnosis and decide on the best course of treatment. You can use follow up scans for check ups as part of your overall treatment programme.


Thermography can help with a variety of ailments and conditions.


Some of the most common include:


Back Pain 

Breast Health

Circulation disorders 

Dental Problems 

Digestive disorders

Skin cancer

Sports injuries 


Your patients will appreciate having a choice of a body scan that doesn’t use radiation, compression or take place in a confined space.


You could offer thermography scans as an optional extra to clients or as an integral feature of a premium package. We are happy to invoice you or bill your client directly each time they have a scan.

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We use the services of a team of specialist doctors at Electronic Medical Interpretation Inc (EMI), who are also qualified thermologists, to analyse and interpret the results of thermography scans. They provide the most advanced and innovative medical thermal imaging interpretation service using ground breaking technology