What is the role of thermography and comparison results on breast imaging?

Thermography’s role is to identify changes that will lead to further investigation by their doctor and eventual diagnosis.  Comparison results look at changes overtime, for instance detection of developing pathology.

At what age can breast thermogram be performed?

A breast thermal baseline should not be attempted below the age of 25.  Thermal imaging of the breast below this age should only be conducted by physician referral.

How soon after a biopsy can I have breast thermography?

Any surgery such as biopsies will require a waiting time of 3 months.  The reason is because it takes that long for the breast tissue to go back to ‘a normal’ for them

How long should you wait after breast-feeding to have breast thermography?

You need to wait 3 months after breast-feeding has ceased

Can I have a Full body and breast thermography when breast-feeding?

No.  You need to wait 3 months after breast-feeding has ceased.  However, you can have Full body Thermography that does not include the breasts

How soon after giving birth can I have breast thermography?

Unless breast-feeding is taking place, a period of 3 months should be given

What time of the menstrual cycle should breast thermography be performed.?

Any hormonal changes are systemic and do not alter the temperature differential so no definitive timing is required.

What can thermography see?

Thermography can see at the physiology of pain, pathology, injury and dysfunction in any area of the body.  It does not see structure or anatomy

How soon after Chemo and Radiotherapy can I have thermography?

You need to wait 3 months after treatment has finished.

Can thermography see a lump or Tumour?

No.  Thermography provide the information that relates to activity and the physiological changes that take place.

Can thermography diagnose Cancer?

No.  Thermography does not diagnose any particular pathology.  In most cases active pathology is going to be seen with thermography that is going to show inflammatory, vascular, lymph or even neurological changes

Can thermography be used if I have body piercing?

Yes.  Body piercing should be removed whenever possible but thermography can take place with piercing in place.

How soon after acupuncture can I have thermography?

We usually ask that you wait 24 hours after having acupuncture treatment.

At what age can a child have thermography?

The minimum age is 14 years unless referred by the child’s physician with a specific request relating to the clinical concern and symptom of dysfunction.

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