Company Screening Programmes

Company Screening Programmes

Successful companies depend on the health of their employees. Sick days are costly but, more importantly, showing your employees you care about their health can increase their loyalty and motivation at work. We run thermography screening at your premises or arrange sessions just for you at one of our clinics.

Thermography scans can detect:

  • early signs of potentially serious illnesses that can be prevented by medication or lifestyle changes.

  • causes of chronic pain that may be difficult to detect.


Knowing what’s wrong and that their condition can be treated, or prevented from getting worse, will reduce stress and contribute to your employees’ mental wellbeing.

Including thermography scans would be a great additional benefit as part of the health package you offer to teams and senior staff and show how much you value them.

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Encourage your employees across your company to take greater responsibility for their health and wellbeing. You may have already negotiated special deals for them with a local gym and other health related companies. Why not add discounted thermography scans to the range of benefits they get from working for your company? Contact us  to find out more about the discounted rates we offer to companies to pass on to their employees.

Female Developers

Part Funded

Do you want to enhance the benefit package for senior staff whom you want to retain? Or are there loyal team members who have had health issues in the past who would benefit from regular monitoring? You can give them, and yourself, peace of mind by contributing to the cost of regular scans.

Business Group

Fully Funded

You want to make sure that the talented executives and other key members of staff remain in the best of health. Operating at a high level of responsibility can be stressful and senior executives may not take the time to visit their doctor for a health check.

Scheduling regular scans at no cost to themselves will ensure that they are alerted to any potential health problems as early as possible. And, if these vital team members have previous or current health concerns, regular monitoring will help keep them in the best possible shape.

Pauline has been coming into Rosedale to conduct Breast Thermal Imaging for my staff for years now, and whilst at first the ladies were a bit unsure about getting undressed at work, she has a wonderful way of putting everyone at ease, even the most nervous of the nervous.


From an employer perspective, Pauline is easy to liaise with and helps to co-ordinate back to back appointments so as to minimise down time.  She is discreet and unobtrusive and the impact on the company while she is here is minimal.


All the ladies are so grateful for the peace of mind that the thermal imaging offers and it is a truly valued employee benefit.  And of course, if there are problems to be picked up, by discovering them at the earliest opportunity means accessing treatment as soon as possible, potentially saving lives.

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All our Corporate Packages are tailored to meet the specific needs of the Company.  Our Consultant will meet with you to discuss your requirements and make the appropriate recommendation.

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