You may not be aware that the odd twinge you’ve felt in your fingers or knee is being caused by the wear and tear of everyday life that leads to arthritis. Your thermography scan will detect its first signs and can also distinguish between the different stages of the condition. Early treatment can include gentle methods that support the body’s innate ability to heal itself and prevent, or reduce, the progress of the condition.

Breast Health

Thermography will create an image of your breasts’ unique thermal pattern and highlight any areas that might need to be checked. Your doctor can use the image to track any changes that may occur over time. Hormonal conditions and cysts are two of many causes of inflammation in the breast, so are pre-cancerous cells. Detecting and dealing with pre-cancerous cells reduces the need for more aggressive treatment as the disease develops.

Breast thermography:​

  • can provide additional information to clarify an inconclusive mammogram

  • can pick up abnormal heat patterns in dense or fibrocystic breasts

Sports Injuries

Strains, sprains, pulled muscles or minor injuries can ruin your fitness and sporting activities. You can’t always tell where niggling pains originate. A damaged nerve in your foot might be giving you a backache but no back treatment will give you relief. Thermography will show up inflammation patterns to help your physician to identify the source of the injury and plan a programme to get you well and back to the gym. You can use thermography to monitor the success of your treatment plan and adjust it if necessary.

Back Pain

Back pain is notoriously difficult to treat, but thermography can pinpoint inflammation with great accuracy and enable your physiotherapist or other practitioner to tailor a treatment plan for you. Thermography is particularly helpful if your back pain is actually caused by inflammation in another part of the body, for instance your leg or even your jaw, that needs to be treated.

Dental Problems

Dental thermography is safer and more accurate than dental x-rays for pinpointing the sources of pain in and around your mouth. We use it to identify dental problems and to explore conditions such as TMJ syndrome or facial nerve injuries in greater depth. Follow-up assessments can check on implants and the progress of different treatments.

Circulation Disorders

Including thermography as part of your regular health check will pick up any signs that you are at risk of a heart attack or stroke. Our digital images of your heart and blood vessels show early signs of damage or the slightest thickening that can lead to a blockage. Your doctor or cardiologist can use our report to advise you on lifestyle changes and decide whether you need medication. You can then have annual scans to check how well any changes you make are working.

Digestive Disorders

Have you noticed that your digestive system is not working as well as it used to? Thermography heat patterns can reveal signs of irritable bowel syndrome, diverticulitis and Crohn’s disease or other conditions.  Treating them early on can stop digestive disorders in their tracks and even restore your guts to good health with the help of the right diet.

Skin Cancers

Did you spend too much time in the sun without protection? The sophisticated infrared cameras we use to take thermographic images pick up the high level of heat your blood antibodies produce as they attack abnormal cells. Detecting these hotspots before the appearance of moles or other growths will give your doctors time to treat them before they become dangerously large.

General Health Check

Do you have a niggle? Are you concerned you might have an underlying condition? 


A full body scan will put your mind at rest.