What is Thermography?

A thermography scan is very like being photographed at a studio. It’s painless and does not use compression or radiation. It produces digital images that capture body temperature.

When your body’s defence system detects a threat, however small, its reaction generates heat. By taking scans over a period of time, we can see changes in your body’s normal heat patterns, highlighting potential problems, sometimes long before you experience any symptoms.

Thermography is great as part of a general health check and to be forewarned of potential problems. It can also help pinpoint the source of niggling pains that may be caused by wrong movements, strains or minor injuries that your physiotherapist or other practitioner can treat.


Applications :

• Breast
• Vascular
• Inflammation/pain
• Dermatology
• Neuromusculoskeletal

What to Expect at Your Scan

Pauline Wake Thermographer

Before your appointment we will ask you to complete a confidential health questionnaire so your thermographer knows what to focus on.

After you arrive, we ask you to undress, remove any jewellery, put on a loose gown and sit still for a few minutes to let the surface of your skin acclimatise to the temperature of the room.

A half-body study, such as a breast study, takes around 20-30 minutes.

For a breast study, you remove the gown, tie your hair back and sit on swivel stool with your hands behind your head.


Our thermographer takes six digital images of your breasts and lymph nodes at different angles. The camera is about a metre away from you and you can see the images it takes on a laptop beside it.

A full-body study follows the same procedure but takes around 45 minutes. This time you remove all outer wear except your underpants. Please wear your skimpiest pair of pants to allow maximum coverage of your body. Our thermographer will ask you to move around to present different parts of your body at a variety of angles to the camera

After your scan your images are sent to our team of Thermography specialist doctors who analyse them and send you a report, usually within 48 hours.