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Taking Control Of Your Health

What is Medical Thermography?

Thermography is a

non-invasive, diagnostic tool that takes digital images of the body which  can identify changes in the skin’s surface temperature.

Conditions We Can Detect.

Full body scans for men and women are a valuable tool for preventative health monitoring to assist with the early detection and analysis of abnormal vascular activity, inflammation and pain throughout the body and can detect and pinpoint a number of conditions

What To Expect At Your Scan

A Thermograhy Scan is quick, painless and non invasive.

They take from 20 to 90 minutes depending on

what are of the body we

are scanning

How Can We Help You?

What is really going on inside your body?

We all try to look after ourselves. We exercise, eat as well as we can and try to drink plenty of water. But when we experience symptoms that worry us, or there are health issues in the family, we want potential problems to be identified as soon as possible.

At Cambridge and Suffolk Thermal Imaging our scans give you peace of mind and early detection and are great if you:

  • are waiting to be old enough for a routine mammogram

  • have a history of inflammation, diseases or cancer in your family

  • feel pain, stiffness or niggles you can’t explain.


Our friendly team are ready to guide you to a picture of your health


If you want a pain-free, low-risk form of screening then come to us. Thermography shows what’s going on in your body, so you can address potential problems early and stay as well as possible.


Show that you care about your team with our on site health screening packages. Early detection is best for both employees and employers and is a great additional benefit.


Use our images and reports to detect a host of different ailments and monitor the effectiveness of patient treatment plans.

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What Our Clients Say 

I am in my early 50’s and decided that I wanted to use Thermography as a means of monitoring my breast health. I chose to upgrade to the full body study. I was surprised that my breasts were fine but the left carotid artery in my neck was inflamed. I didn’t realize that this is a risk factor in getting a stroke. The Doctor interpreting the results suggested further tests. I am so pleased that this was highlighted as I am now on a preventative program and will continue to monitor any changes with Thermography.” 


“I had been suffering from lower back pain for weeks and no amount of massage or physio was helping. I had a full body study as I wanted to use this method to monitor my breast health as well. The report came back suggesting that there could be a problem with my kidneys and further testing was suggested. A blood test showed that I had a kidney infection which was successfully treated with antibiotics and the pain in my back went away."